Today, we met with our Realtor (Erin) to discuss the price for selling the house. I will be taking the pictures in the morning and the house will be officially for sale on Wednesday. Erin was very impressed with how much work we have done on the house, including how much we have cleaned out to make the house appear much larger than when she first walked through the home.

The challenge is to have all of the photos taken by Monday at the latest, then have her create and print fliers by Wednesday or Thursday. This is a whirlwind compared to last time we sold our home in Phoenix (10 years ago). There, we plopped a sign in the yard and it sold. The real estate market today is very different today.
I leave on May 10th, so everything that I need has to be packed and ready to go prior to that. The challenge is that we still need to have the house until school is out. We have the added challenge of camp for both kids, although that is higher with my spouse than I. Perhaps it’s my incorrect gut feel, but with a limited amount of time allocated for temporary housing and a limited amount of funds to sponsor an extension of that time, that I really want to be in a house by late June, even if I am sleeping on the floor and waiting for our furniture to arrive in a week or two.

Timing, they say, is everything.