Last night, we had dinner with my brother-in-law (wife’s brother or B-I-L) and his wife. That is always an experience. My B-I-L is fine. He’s fairly laid back, although he’s retired and opinionated at times. I guess when you get to be his age, you can be. His wife, on the other hand, is oblivious to her surroundings. She apparently needs to talk non-stop. We vacationed with them last year and planned a good bit of time apart – there is only so much I can stand and stay relaxed on vacation. My relaxed state changes completely when she enters a room. Therefore, my understanding wife keeps us apart as often as possible during the few and far between vacations.

What I really just don’t understand is that my B-I-L and his wife really don’t seem to get along that well. Okay, I understand that… However, they are going away in a 5th-wheel trailer for several months, including a few months working in a western national park. I personally think that they will drive each other nuts when they are spending that much time in such close quarters. In their current home, they each have their own areas where they can separate from the other one. In a 5th-wheel, they cannot do the same. I believe that the individual spaces that they have carved out in the in their home has allowed each to keep their sanity. It will be interesting to see how this extended vacation works out for them. My B-I-L will be taking lots of nature photographs and documenting their travel. I’m not sure what wifey will be doing during that time in such close quarters.

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