We are currently in northern Georgia, visiting my mother-in-law. We picked up our son just after 1 PM on Tuesday, after an 8+ hour trip earlier in the day. The camp he was at for the second time was SOAR (http://www.soarnc.org). This camp specializes in ADD and ADHD kids, and offers all sorts programs. The program he attended this year was the same as last year – North Carolina Expedition II. This is for a small group (7 campers plus two counselors. They hike, camp, white water raft, rock climb, cave, mountain bike, and a few additional things.

One of the things I really like about this camp is that our son always comes back a stronger, more confident person. He’s really growing up, and I feel better about this after sending him to camp in the woods for almost three weeks. His leaders were so impressed with him and his confidence and his skills. They have recommended that he attend the ILS (intensive leadership session). This would prep him for actually being a counselor during the summer sessions. He would love doing that – as he excels in the outdoors. His near-photographic memory comes in very handy with both skills and new activities that he has only read about. For example, he was “the” go-to person for this experience. One of his counselors indicated that at times, she needed to push the other campers to actually figure it out, rather than just ask our son. We received a call about a week before picking him up and the other counselor said the same thing – great kid, the strongest one in their session. There are times like this that I realize just what a great kid we have – and that maybe his mom and I haven’t completely failed!

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