Staind did a song named “It’s been a while” – a song of recovery and appologies. This is not about that!

It’s not been a while since I was at the gym – just two days. Sue and I have been very good at going 4+ days a week – 5:30 – 6:30 or so (AM, of course). We start with about 30 minutes of cardio (treadmill), then do either legs, arms, or upper body. On Thurday, we skipped the cardio and did legs and half of the arms. Both of us have been pushing hard at night, making that 5AM alarm sound so loud…

Of course, it’s now Saturday and the body alarm clock went off as usual shortly after 5. Where is that body / mind snooze button?

We’re hitting the gym at 8 today with both kids. Jake needs to start his stairmaster routine to get ready for the summer. I just need to do the full 35 minute routine that Gwynne has set up for me. A little walking (2 min), then 6.3 mph run for 5, a bit of walking at a steep grade, the alternating between 6.3mph run and a 4.5 walk at 4 – 5% grade. With my current weight, it’s a 550 calorie routine. While I feel like crap for the first few minutes, I am able to get into the routine. I rarely speed up what I am doing, and slow it down to keep going. With the walking, I do increase the incline to boost the caloric burn.

4 weeks to go and we will be in Jackson Hole. Hiking will be much easier for us now, and I fully expect to be in the best shape of anyone of my relatives that will be there. I do know that Sue is looking forward to being in good shape for her Mom and brothers to see.

Pictures to come afterwards!

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