VD – short for Valentine’s Day, of course… What were you thinking?

Okay – I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with Sue, but I never ever know what to get or how much to spend. VD is a mere two weeks before our anniversary, so we have always downplayed it. This year, I was presented with an opportunity to do a nice job of being a loving husband. As previously stated, we joined the local YMCA. I always find that I do a much better job working out with music blasting in my ears – and help take the concentration away from the pain in my body. I obtained an iPOD Shuffle last year and use it whenever I work out (walk, etc.). Sue has no such device. So…. I bought her a new MP3 player and filled it with several hours of love songs. I think she was touched by the personalization (rather than just from the electronic device). She has used it daily since then, and really likes the music. As a side note, this player has an integrated FM radio that can be used to listen to the TV audio that plays as well. So, you can sit on your butt, watching TV – all the while you are cruzing on the stationary bike.

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