The last Saturday in January, I finally convinced Sue to let the family join the local branch of the YMCA. It is located above the grocery store that is 1/4 mile from home, and opens at 5:30 AM Mon – Friday, and at 8:00 on Saturdays. It’s closed on Sunday – so it’s a mandatory day of rest (or walking outdoors). I had told her that I was going to join myself if she didn’t want to spend the money for the family. I have been walking a little in the mornings, but with it getting colder and colder, that was both an invitation to injury or sleeping in. With the treadmills at the Y, I am able to work out in a conditioned environment. The same as walking outside – no, but close! The gym is crowded in the mornings, but I always have a treadmill if I get there at 5:30, and always see people I know. The one thing that I have going for me is my iPod shuffle. I have great tunes and it allows me to walk through the tough workouts. On Friday, I take a class that will show me the other equipment for weight training. For now, however, I know how to walk so the treadmill is fine. I wonder how many days you should go before taking a rest day. Well, there’s always Sunday!

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