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This Christmas season has been very relaxing so far. I have been away from my desk since the afternoon of the 21st with just four hours to work until the new year. There are many details that I will share in a later post, for now, just a couple of recent ones.

This afternoon, Sue’s nephew Matt and his family visited with just Kaite and I. It was a good chance to break the ice after a few years of not being together. After that, they went over to see Sue’s mom to visit and introduce her to the girls that she had never met. Since the eldest is now 10, it had been long enough. After a short, but meaningful visit, they left to meet us for dinner.

When we got home, we delivered invitations to our immediate neighbors for a BYOB get together tomorrow evening. We’re supplying appetizers (TBD) and they will awkwardly mingle. We’ve become the social organizers of our end of the street! It should be fun and will help our neighborhood get along just a bit more.

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