Fixed a ton of things today. Got the basement outlet ready for the new freezer (grounded outlet) by replacing a decades old one with no ground. Cleaned out the new freezer spot, moved the fire safe, and got the wife’s ex’s college beer fridge ready to be sent to his place. Finally picked up 1,000 spots of dog poop from our old Covid rescue. We’re really hoping she lasts a long time but we are realistic and know that is not going to happen.

April’s waxing crescent moon from my backyard.

I finally was able to install the carpet stair treads. Not only do they add a great deal of safety to the slippery staircase, but they look great. Less than an hour’s work and total cost of about $150.

Quick walk with the pooch this afternoon. Walk to “our” bridge then back to the car. Far enough for Raine today.

Loving mom after a walk!

Hartford Symphony concert to help ease into the holiday spirit. It’ll be a tough challenge for my wife this year after she lost her mom in late October. Balcony seats, front row, next to a 4 year old seeing his first concert and loving every moment!


The Bushnell, Hartford, CT

We love our town. Luminaries all along our downtown, and a beautiful sunset over our church!

Replaced 4 window shades and fixed one window sash cord today. Feeling very home ownerish today. Before (right) and after (left) pics if they are not obvious which is which.

Rain on a street
Another rainstorm

What a strange summer.

While it hasn’t rained every single day, it seems like it has. While this is good for the grass and for our somewhat successful garden, it is not good for the humans. We have to plan taking the dog out with more care and protecting the dog from the scary lightning. We also need to work much harder to find time for walking which we love to do together. I have personally found it very difficult to find time to mow the lawn, weed the gardens, and generally take care of our large property. And while we are living with nearly perpetually damp soil and a very full river, the west is burning up with rain nowhere in sight.

What a strange summer indeed.

Ro drinking a red ale
Suzanne with a brown ale
Me with a local IPA
Socially distanced music appreciation

Enjoyed a beer or two at our closest brewery with my wife and mother in law. Good brews and nice music.