My name is Steve (actually, Stephen, but no one calls me that) and this is a personal blog. I’ve been around a long time, have two adult children, and have lived in New England since mid-2008. My family relocated from Richmond, Virginia where I worked for Circuit City in the corporate headquarters for ten years while they were still in business. Before that, we spent almost a dozen years in the greater Phoenix area where I worked primarily for another company no longer in business. Eight years after relocating to New England and as we hit our 28th anniversary, the divorce was finalized (but was in the works for a few years). I haven’t looked back since. I’m very happily living with the woman who is truly my life partner – we just needed to have children with other people first. She’s a New England native (although she’ll tell you she’s really from California) and we live on property her family has owned for almost 90 years. My kids live almost 3,200 miles apart – one in Maine, one in California. Needless to say, I see one far more than the other. Her younger son’s time is split between us and her ex.

I’ve been blogging for over a dozen years, mostly to keep my mind sharp and to document the randomness of my life so I can re-read it after I go insane. If you stumbled across my blog and want to stay, that’s great. I’ll continue this for my own sanity so long as I have time and have topics worthy of a personal journal. I post when I have something to say, sometimes going weeks or a month or more between posts but I try to post more often. (Hint – hit the subscribe button if you want to know when it’s updated)

Professionally, I have been involved with computers for 30+ years and data security for over 20 or them. I’ve only had three long term gigs at work, all three with over 10 years each including my current one. Back in January of 2004, I earned my Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and recently renewed that through 2022. I’m never, ever sitting through that exam again so am earning Continuing Education Credits (CPEs) whenever possible! My current employer is a large, non-publicly traded firm that sits somewhere in the top fifth of the latest Fortune 500 listing. I answer data security questions company-wide and occasionally get to work on some really cool projects. As of today, I help projects deal with non-functional security requirements – mostly helping teams understand and manage risk! I also get to talk to some of my company’s largest customers and ensure them that cyber security is our top company focus.

Outside of work, my hobbies include digital photography (Nikon and iPhone fan), running (mostly shuffling along near the back of the pack), biking on either a great road bike or a sort-of-crappy hybrid (rail trails, mostly), working on our almost 6 acres of wooded property and exploring the outdoors near wherever I live. I hold a general class amateur radio operator license that I almost never use anymore (first licensed in 1979). I’m somewhat active on Facebook, more active on twitter (@sealexander for my info security / professional life; @runct for my running life). For a link to my other sites, visit my page.

Thanks for checking out my blog and for circling the sun with me.

Disclaimer: The words on these pages are my own. This is a personal blog, and should not be confused with my daytime job which involves lots of sitting, typing, and occasionally running from meeting to meeting. This should never be construed to be related in any way to that employer – just in case that wasn’t blatantly obvious.