Both Sue and I have been working long hours lately without a lot of success to show for the work. Tonight, for example, she is still on a conference call that started almost three hours ago. She also worked almost ten hours in the office before heading home to grab dinner and jump on the call. It doesn’t make for a relaxing evening at home, to say the least.

I have been working less hours than her, although more hours than I am used to. I am in the midst of a difficult project right now, but expect the major work to be done with tomorrow if I can get the heads down time I need during the day.

At home, we have a great deal of work to do this weekend to get ready for next weekend’s party for Sue’s Mom. We have to blow the leaves, mow the grass, and clean the house this weekend. I am sure that I have the outside and Sue will get the inside. We do have things to hang on the walls, so everything isn’t all outside!

Later on, we have a party on Saturday evening that is being hosted by a coworker and his partner who have held this for many years. Last year, it was canceled because of the huge storm that pounded our state and left us without power for over a week. This year, we are expecting no bad weather until at least Monday from the latest hurricane (Hurricane Sandy). I guess that time will tell!

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