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This weekend, we headed to visit my Mom and husband in Maine. They were up there for two weeks, we got to visit for three short days. Fortunately, it was a quick, less than 4 hour drive with places to stop on the way.

We stopped in New Hampshire, in South Portland on the way up. We found a great restaurant (a dive, but with really great burgers), then headed out to Bug Light, a local lighthouse. We walked around, took a few pictures, and then headed up to Crystal Lake where my Mom was staying. It was a great house, with one bedroom upstairs and 2 – 3 downstairs. We slept downstairs (Kaite in one room, us in another, and Jake on the downstairs living room futon in his sleeping bag. We had a great weekend, and did a bit of kayaking, driving, and eating some great food! That and family, what more could you ask for.

We took a leisurely drive through northwestern Connecticut on Friday. I had the day off from work and the kids were still on Spring Break. When there, we saw lots of cool stuff (posted later) but it included stumbling on Lime Rock Park. There, the CT River Valley Porsche Club was having practice for the Saturday race. Admission was free, after filling in all of the requisite forms denying any liability if we were to get hurt, and each receiving this nice blue wristband. Once we entered, we drove over a bridge to the infield, then turned right and parked next to a fence to see what was going on. We were practically by ourselves. Then, off to the left, the Porsches started coming around the corner at 130+ MPH. We were literally 30 feet from the edge of the track and had unfettered access to watching the practice laps.

Very cool thing to just stumble upon – the right day, the right weather (gorgeous), and the time to watch.