This morning was a typical crisp, cool Sunday New England kind of morning. While I have been fighting a sinus infection, I decided to head out for a short trip to find some foliage. It didn’t take long until I was in known territory, near a few bodies of water in Somers, Connecticut. I often drive by this location but never stop. There was a lake in the middle of town and a convenient parking lot. This photo was actually taken with my phone (Motorola Droid original) and immediately uploaded to Facebook. I have a few other pics, but this captured the morning perfectly.

This, my friends, is why I love fall in New England!

Breakfast, Intercontinental style. I don’t get to eat salmon often, so take Not at every opportunity. We’re staying at the Intercontinental in downtown Miami now, and this is the standard breakfast faire for the club level rooms. Sue is working her tail off, but finishes up at 7:00 tonight. Since we don’t leave until Monday afternoon, we’ll have Sunday and Monday mornings to indulge together.

I have been the “official photographer” for the conference and have daily assignments for photo opportunities. Today is the biggest one as the board turns over, including the current president. Most of the attendees are MDs, but lots of techs as well. Almost everyone is very nice and I have not been introduced to anyone who expects to be call DR or Mr. For being most of the world leading bone density and osteoporosis researchers, they are very down to earth in this environment.

Now, it’s time to dress up so I do my final photo assignment before an actual full day of vacation. Tomorrow, South Beach!

Since my feet aren’t fixed yet, I was unable to run in the 15K race this morning. This is named the Frostbite 15K for a few reasons. First, it is 15K or 9.3 miles long. Second, it is held on or about the last weekend in January (the 27th this year) and it’s damn cold. Great name since everyone knows at least the season when the race is held. This was the 24th running of this race and people come back year after year.

Melanie, Sara, and Lori were using this as their long weekend run in their half-marathon training. They were scheduled for 10 miles, I think, so this was perfect. I, on the other hand, simply couldn’t run. I thought about volunteering to help with the race, but came to the conclusion that I could help in a better way — take pictures!

I looked at the course online, trying to find the perfect spot. I was unsure of what the status of the sun would be, but the forecast was for overcast skies – perfect! I found a great spot on just after the 4-mile outgoing marker, and where I would see the runners returning just after 5 miles. This course was conveniently an out and back course, providing the opportunity to see runners twice.

It was very cold this morning (frostbite – duh), so I dressed in multiple layers but still had to make my fingers work. When all was said and done, I had snapped 864 photos and my fingers were absolutely numb when I was done. I swapped my long lens (70 – 300MM) for the mid-range one (55 – 200MM), set the camera to autofocus and just used the sports setting. I was able to capture what I think were some great pictures! The pain was occasionally shown, but the smiles were rampant! I came home with some great photos of Melanie, Sara, and Lori, and believe that they will be very pleased with the outcome! What was funniest was that people were posing, giving thumbs up, and making silly faces for the camera. I think a few people will be looking for pictures soon!

I took this after taking a 1-day photography class put on by Sony. “Take at least 1 picture everyday…”

crazy clouds — photo taken with my cell phone on the way to work this morning.