Yesterday, I went to our Boston office to work and meet with a few of my project colleagues. After leaving the house at 5am and riding the commuter rail, I pulled into the office before 8 with a large container of Dunkin’ in hand per my normal routine. Around 11:30, I took off for a small sandwich shop near the office and got what I think is my last BLT of the year and walked back by the waterfront to sit and enjoy a quick bite and take in the beautiful day. A short 15 minutes later, I was back in the office to finish up. I love the fact that you can get pretty much anything you want to eat within a 10 minute walk from that office. It’s in the financial district, so lots of high rise buildings which make for a busy lunch crowd. Service is necessarily quick almost everywhere – at least at the busy places.

After meetings and other work was done, I took off to walk to North Station to meet my youngest child. Kaite is in college in Maine so she took the Downeaster train from Saco to Boston. The station is about a mile from our Boston office; it’s an easy walk on a beautiful day like yesterday. Once I found where her train was arriving, I found my beautiful daughter and got the best hug I could have hoped for. Being away from her for a month always makes that first hug so much sweeter.

Her food allergies have driven down the number of places we can eat, but there are no complaints on my part. We walked around for a bit, then headed to Cheer’s at Faneuil Hall (the replica bar from the TV show of the same name). We sat on the patio where the heaters were turned on, making it a very nice afternoon to sit outside. A couple of quick burgers later we headed to Mike’s Pastry to get some treats for Kaite to take back to school. Two cannoli and six macaroon cookies headed back to Maine in a box to satisfy one daughter and three roommates. We said a quick goodbye and she headed north and I went off to navigate the T system to make my way south to barely make the 5:55 commuter rail back to Worcester. As I pulled into the house just before 9pm, I was one tired man but very happy that I got to see my girl, if only for a couple of hours. She looks great and, unlike last year, she seems quite happy with her life. And as her Dad, that is the most I could hope for.

It is really hard to believe that our son is starting to visit colleges. As a high school senior, the time is now. This weekend, he is visiting two colleges in Vermont, and stopping by a third to get a good view of the campus of a much larger university (my wife’s grad school). Jake and his two closest friends have come a long way since they started in kindergarten together. There is so much for him to do, and so much for us to do. We need to look at finances, logistics, and to help guide him into making the best decision he can.

The summer has seemingly come to an end. School started for the kids this week, and Sue and I went to our first College Info meeting for Senior parents. Lots of great information was presented by two of the school counselors, and we got to meet the new high school principal. Jake’s main counselor is very familiar with Sue, but I finally got to put a face to the name I’ve heard for over a year. She is just as nice as I have heard.

The information was presented in a very organized way, making the overwhelming info into a sensible format. That said, I am really glad that Sue is the organized one that will be helping Jake get the paperwork completed. I’ll input the financial information, but Sue will get the rest done with Jake’s input.