This blog has been quiet for a while. There has been too much going on, with not enough time for sitting at the computer. We have pulled all of the wallpaper from the kitchen (one of our largest, but poorly laid out rooms). Then, retaped and mudded the corners, primed, and painted with multiple coats of latex paint. We still need to add the border and put the outlet covers back on, but it’s mostly done. We still have the ceiling to do, but need to get a professional to tape and mud them. The downside of replacing our windows and heat pump is that we now have a much drier house. The dry air has dried out the seams and the drywall enough that the seam paper is pulling away from the drywall. It is just part of the joy of owning a 25 year old house. The one thing that I have learned from this experience is that I hate to fix drywall seams and am glad for my white collar job!

I have continued to run a couple of days each week, although not as consistently as previously. My excuse? The heat… I hate to run when it is so hot, so have rescheduled the runs for early in the morning or on the treadmill. I have not been good about going to the gym over the past few weeks. I really need to get back into the weight lifting I had started last year. My upper body strength has started to wane, and good upper body strength actually helps you run better according to a couple of articles I have read. I have a series of exercises I can do, but the sheet is sitting in my truck… great place, huh?

I ran the first of a series of races (the cul-de-sac series) last Monday. This is a series of 5K (3.1 miles) races that goes in and out of neighborhood cul-de-sacs. When we took off at 7 PM, it was still 97 degrees and approaching 90% humidity. It about killed me. This was definitely not about fun, but survival. I thought, only 3 miles, no need to bring fluids – but I should have. I don’t think I have perspired that much in many years. This week, I missed the race in prep for my trip to pick up my son (we were leaving at 4 AM). I could have run it, but with the heat and humidity, it would have been a very difficult recovery enough to get any sleep that night. I choose sleep (sort of – in bed at 11:30 PM and back up at 3:50 AM). I wonder how my friends did!

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