Today I headed to the gym at the office to get in a weigh in for the five pounds in six weeks contest at work. I started at more than I really weighed, but at a known amount. Today was four weeks in and I decided I needed a good weigh in. So far, I am down eight pounds, only needing five total. A few tricks used include weighing in after a tough run at the gym. I ran four and a half miles on the treadmill this morning. I was soaked in the way home, then didn’t eat before weighing in. I was very pleased, considering we have another two weeks until the final weigh in for our team.

As team captain, I sent a quick email to my team today, urging them to weigh in at the most opportune time for them next week. I will likely weigh in on Wednesday morning, after all a fantastic workout and little water. It should be an easy weigh in after that. Then, it’ll be time for a fantastic breakfast!

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