Got the chance to see another ISS pass. It was just a 5 minute pass, start to finish, with actual visibility here of about 2 minutes. But, it ’s in space and it’s easy to see that I think it’s cool every time I see her!

Later today, I will be ordering a new Motorola Droid from Verizon. My old phone is not a smartphone, although it has a descent camera and is a fine phone. It is 3+ years old, so I’m eligible to upgrade with a $100 credit. I waited until there was an actual device I wanted since I’m not thrilled with the BlackBerry devices. I have used a BlackBerry through work for almost five years. I’ve installed a few apps on them to test some items for work, but they are pretty crippled in function and not overly usable. When the Droid came out, it was finally the device I was looking for. Not wanting to be a first adopter, several months of use have occurred and several co-workers have used them. After listening to the co-workers thrilling reports, I was convinced.

I’ve ended up putting several apps on my iPod Touch lately, but they are pretty useless unless you have connectivity (and it’s Wi-Fi only). With my continued use of twitter and facebook to connect with the “Run Net” community, having a device that can utilize this full time is key. Our family is a Verizon one, and I have a pretty decent discount on the primary line (mine) which includes a discounted data plan. So, for under $100 up front, and under $30 per month, I’ll be officially connected.

Starting on Monday, and concluding today, I purchased a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid. This car is loaded to the gills, with a full navigation system, XM radio, heated leather seats, and moon/sunroof. I never thought I’d pay this much for any vehicle, but with my job situation likely to change in the next few weeks, I will have a much longer commute each day. The car is very comfortable and will also make the 18-hour drive back home for a weekend or two worth while!

Here is a picture if you want to see (CLICK HERE).

One of the things I like most is the Bluetooth integration. From the steering wheel, I can initiate calls or answer calls. From what the people I’ve spoken to say, the clarity is excellent – much better than with my Bluetooth headset in my truck.

The other thing I like is the dead silence when the car is stopped. No noise what-so-ever. After running tonight, I asked Melanie to tell me if the car was running or not. She said no… then I put it in drive and edged away. She was surprised to say the least. Give me a few thousand miles to figure out if I really like it!

I got this cool little $30 remote control airplane from Target today. Somebody at this weekend’s rocket launch had one (or a similar model). For $30, I was going to track one down and play. So far, so good. There are apparently many “mods” for the plane, none of which I am willing to try on the first day. After all, I don’t want to throw $30 down the drain since I simply don’t see the mods the same way others do. Perhaps I’ll let my son at it, after a week or two of flying in the purchased format! After a quick test on my street (and being berated by my 11 year old twin neighbors), I took it to my pool which is virtually empty this time of the year. We have an empty field – perfect to test. The three kids there all thought it was cool and wanted to fly it. Maybe next time, after the mods!

Today, approximately half of the IT group of my company visited Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. There were no kids in our group, just a bunch of adults anxious to ride “adult” rides.

The newest coaster is awesome – the Griffon Coaster takes you up to 205 feet, and then drops you 90 degrees straight down, reaching a speed of 75 MPH. Here is a link to a photo of what going down at 75 MPH looks like! Very cool.

I spent the day with one old friend from the company, and a couple of new ones. It was great spending time with AM – lots of family stories. We’ve worked together for the better part of 10 years now, but never have spent any time outside of work. She’s just a great all-around person!