We added this lovely rescue named Raine to our family this week. Sweet as can be and coming out of her shell over the first five days. Raine is a quiet, Mountain Cur mix from TN that came through Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue (BFDR) and picked up in NJ on Tuesday. Lots of love for this gal!

Got the chance to see another ISS pass. It was just a 5 minute pass, start to finish, with actual visibility here of about 2 minutes. But, it ’s in space and it’s easy to see that I think it’s cool every time I see her!

Annual pre-winter driveway cleanup of grass that has creeped over the asphalt. Straight lines make snow blowing much easier!

Replacing window sash cords. First window took two hours. The second window, under 30 minutes. Thank you You Tube and “This Old House” replays!

Steve Alexander

Blossoming overnight, we actually can grow something without killing it!

Steve Alexander

End of Summer, Labor Day rib feast. From dry rub to smoker to grill to dinner. Delicious!

Roof replacement after years of dealing with water leaking after nearly every storm. Who knew we had actual holes in our roof?

Steve Alexander

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