My stepson turned 18 recently. His idea of a great meal is sushi. Fortunately, that is also the favorite for both my wife and I. Our favorite place has our very favorite waitress, Maggie. We tip well because she’s the best waitress ever. The food was delicious as always!

Noah – the newest 18 year old
More sushi!
The best tuna around. Melt in your mouth delicious!
Relaxing in the spring sun

We are finally getting in the groove with our pup. Raine is a wonderful dog that needs special care. She is incredibly skittish, likely based on time long before we adopted her. We can only guess that she was kicked, never petted, not overly fed, and probably left out in the cold. She has finally started to relax, almost cuddling and wanting to use her paws to grab our hands to pet her more. Today, she finally “kissed” me with a lick that she had never done before. She “kisses” her mom but I was a no-go until today. They say it takes an adopted dog 3 days to get used to the house, 3 weeks to get used to the people, and 3 months to feel at home. I think it takes longer and Raine is finally home and feeling at home. Puppy love.

We added this lovely rescue named Raine to our family this week. Sweet as can be and coming out of her shell over the first five days. Raine is a quiet, Mountain Cur mix from TN that came through Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue (BFDR) and picked up in NJ on Tuesday. Lots of love for this gal!

My first visit into the office in 7 months showed almost all wall calendars remaining on March, 2020 when we all came home to work for “a few months” which has become many more months.

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Southwest Airlines window seat pic of our flight out of Oakland after a week helping my mother-in-law and a bit of relaxation on the Pacific. The Bay Bridge to the south, Golden Gate cloaked in fog to the north. Always a beautiful departure from the Bay Area!

I decided to actually taste the infamously cheap two buck chuck wine from Trader Joe’s. This would be okay in a sangria but not okay as a table wine! It costs under $2.

Birthday dinner for me in Carmel’s Bistro Giovanni. Delicious appetizers, main course, and dessert! Fantastic service too!

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A short visit down the California coast on Sunday. Fog in, fog out, fog back in. Pelicans everwhere. I never tire of this beautiful place!


I took a sunrise walk in California’s East Bay area. Cool morning, hand-in-hand with my wife. Nothing could be better.

Updated the lighting around my mother-in-law’s CA home. Converted to all LED bulbs, repaired a few fixtures. Lots of security lights added to improve her security (or at least her feeling of security).