Updated the lighting around my mother-in-law’s CA home. Converted to all LED bulbs, repaired a few fixtures. Lots of security lights added to improve her security (or at least her feeling of security).

Work continues on painting the garage. I’m sore from climbing the ladders all day yesterday, but the progress is amazing. I still need to frame out a couple of windows but those are easy. Then, to finish painting the back, a couple of spots in the front (including a second coat where needed), and to paint all of the white. It’ll be a long day but should have 3 of the four sides completed by this evening. Now, off to get a few 1″x2″ boards to replace rotting wood on the edge of the front and around one of the rear windows.

We have a stand alone garage (with an attached annex). While we could use it for storing cars, most of the year, we just stash stuff that doesn’t really have a home elsewhere. In the annex, we store all of the pellets we use as our primary source of heat during the winter.

Two weeks ago, I got this incredibly dumb idea that it was finally time to start prepping and painting the garage. The paint was falling off in large chunks and the wood often full of woodpecker holes. We actually purchased the paint almost 3 years ago but never took on the task of using it until now.

The first side to be started was the one closest to the house. This involved manually scraping the wood and figuring out how to deal with the pockets of paint that were under the edge of practically every piece of siding. To say it was painful is a significant understatement. But once it was done, it was ready for paint and replacement of the end boards. It was only after that side was mostly completed that the idea of using the power washer was suggested to me. It worked well on the remaining sides – it just takes a few days to dry afterwards or the paint won’t adhere well and will bubble after just a few years.

So the garage is now ready to be painted (after it drys) and I can replace a ton of the accent (& corner) boards!